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Real Estate

Our firm provides legal advice and close accompaniment in a wide range of real estate transactions
  • Second hand sale / purchase agreements.

  • Gift agreements - transfer of rights in assets for no consideration.

  • Sale / purchase agreements for partial properties and properties in moshavim.

  • Purchase Group Agreements - includes full and ongoing support for group members.

  • Lease agreements for residential apartments and businesses.

  • Representation of contractors in agreements for the purchase of real estate, including execution of agreements to sell apartments, registration of a condominium and registration of the purchasers' rights in the Land Registration Bureau.

  • Representation in combination agreements.

  • Editing and representation in engineering supervision agreements.

  • Representation of owners of apartments / entrepreneurs in TAMA 38 (renovation) transactions.

  • Representation of apartment owners / entrepreneurs in evacuation and construction transactions.

  • Ongoing accompaniment in obtaining bank financing.

  • Register Condominiums / Repair Condominium Registration.

  • Management of housing rights in for companies.

  • Representation and management of tax assessments via real estate tax authorities.

  • Execution and registration of consolidation and distribution programs.

  • Preparation of land-sharing agreements and their registration in the Land Registration Bureau.

  • Registration of inheritances at the Land Registry Office.

  • Representation in loan agreements and registration of deeds and / or mortgages in respect of these agreements at the Land Registration Bureau.

Real Estate
  • First-hand apartment purchase agreements from contractors.

  • Second-hand apartment purchase agreements from private owners.

  • Lease agreements for residential apartments and commercial businesses.

  • Loan agreements / lien / pledge of rights.

  • Gift agreements - transfer of rights in assets for no consideration.

  • Real estate sharing agreements.

  • Construction and renovation agreements on all stages, from skeletons to final.

  • Commercial development agreements and commercial ventures.
    Partnership agreements.

  • Labor agreements.

  • Initiated agreements for the establishment of companies.

  • Confidentiality agreements and non-competition.

  • Tender agreements.

  • Agreements for undertaking projects in various fields.

  • As well as a wide variety of contracts and agreements.


Legal services for a wide range of contractual agreements and contracts drfating
Editing Contracts

Wills and Inheritances

Wills that are not properly prepared may cause substantial difficulties for the applicant.
  • Legal advice regarding drafting and execution of wills.

  • Requests for granting probate orders.

  • Applications for granting inheritance orders.

  • Our firm handles clients' registration of their rights in real estate by virtue of succession orders / probate orders at the Land Registration Bureau.

Wills and Inheritances
  • Establishment of companies and partnerships.

  • Establishing associations and managing nonprofit organizations.

  • Discharge companies.

  • Full and ongoing representation of companies.

  • Sale / transfer / allotment of shares in companies.

Corporate Law 

Corporate Law and Contracts

Commercial Litigation

Our firm represents and provides litigation services to its clients in all courts and judicial tribunals, including arbitrations and mediation.

Commercial Litigation
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